At TSP Family Office, our team of advisors, consultants and specialists are committed to building and implementing individual customized plans that create tax savings both short and long term, protect your current and future assets and build sustainable generational wealth.

Tax Strategies

TSP Family Office offers advanced tax-saving strategies for business owners and high-net-worth individuals seeking to keep more of what they earn and reinvest in their future. We fully consider your unique situation when building a plan that works for you.

Underutilized Tax Deductions/"Scorecard Strategies"

The TSP Family Office team takes a holistic approach to our clients tax planning and wealth management goals. We start by considering traditional tax deductions that are often underutilized or not used at all. With our help, you can deduct things you are paying for already. By adding a step or two, expenses can be converted and documented into legitimate business expenses.

Cost Segregation

For property owners, cost segregation strategies provide an opportunity to reclassify building components and accelerate depreciation. This approach is ideal for buildings that cost more than $500,000 and have been purchased and/or rehabilitated within the past five years to accelerate your tax savings.

Entity Operations

Being able to create and utilize your financial reports as a dashboard for accurate and timely decision making is critical for business performance and sustainable success. With our Entity Operations service sessions, we will work with you 1 on 1 to identify, leverage and correct any variables that lead to the success of your business.   These sessions are prescribed as needed with no minimums or maximums.

Roth IRA Conversion

Roth conversions are typically multi-year strategies used to take advantage of the lower tax rates provided by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, or TCJA. The TCJA presents an opportunity for some people to take advantage of the lower tax rates to convert traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs. Additional strategies may be offered to minimize the tax liability.

Qualified Opportunity Zones

As provided for in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, qualified opportunity zones (QOZ) offer specific tax incentives designed to promote long-term investment into designated developing neighborhoods across the country. This strategy can provide a way to defer, reduce or even eliminate capital gains.

  • STRATEGY TERMS: Multi-year
  • BENEFIT: Defer, reduce or eliminate some capital gains
  • RECOMMENDED FOR: Accredited investors with realized capital gains from the sale of investments (i.e., stocks and bonds), buildings, business interests, etc.
Tax Credits

There are numerous tax credits that could be applied based on your particular business activities. Unlike a deduction, Tax Credits are applied dollar for dollar to reduce your tax bill.

Expense and Depreciation Planning

Every business owner spends money on necessary goods, services and equipment.  Planning these expenditures and utilizing the correct depreciation methodologies could alleviate unwanted cash flow and profitability issues associated with unexpected business expenses.

Tax Advantaged Retirement

Funding your retirement can be an enormous undertaking. It can also warrant large tax bills associated with your withdrawals when the time comes to use it. Allocating your retirement funds into tax advantaged vehicles and environments today will promote lower tax liabilities when you really need it most.

Wealth Planning

Wealth planning is the strategic allocation of resources to gain maximum benefit from all sources. We factor in multiple pivot points like estate planning, investment management, and long-term goals to help you eliminate variables that compromise your legacy goals.

Estate Planning

We help guide your estate planning by designing a strategy to preserve your wealth in accordance with your wishes. What it means to you will change as your life changes — having children, grandchildren, even great-grandchildren will impact the way you make decisions. As you age, it’s critical to have a carefully curated will, established trusts and beneficiaries for assets, and most importantly, have all documents signed and filed. Developing a plan becomes more complex as your assets and wealth compound. Having an objective team in place protecting your best interests and helping to simplify the process is crucial. Planning is not a “checking the box” activity. Getting an early start and updating your plan annually is the best way to ensure all you have worked hard for is preserved, free of conflict, and deployed in the way you choose.

Retirement Planning

No matter what stage of life you are in, building your retirement nest egg takes a great deal of preparation to ensure you have what you need for the next chapter of your life. We understand the numerous expenses to account for while creating a retirement plan — housing, food, healthcare, taxes, recreation, and other general costs of living. Balancing your needs today while providing for the future lifestyle you want to maintain may feel overwhelming. We can help navigate a plan that’s right for you.

Operational Optimization

Operating a successful business is not a simple task.  With so much going on its easy to get lost in the day to day shuffle. There are critical variables within every business that require time and effort  to ensure optimal performance is achieved. Through our “Business Ratio Diagnostics”, we can pinpoint areas of the business where opportunities for improvement can be made. Optimizing these areas by implementing our recommendations will ensure healthy cash flow and value for business owners.


You’ve worked hard in your life and now you’d like to preserve your wealth and provide for your family’s next generation. Our team of experienced professionals can help drive communication and teach your heirs how to navigate new responsibilities and opportunities according to your family values. Our role is to help create balance in your legacy goals and develop a strategy that avoids pitfalls and conflict.

Exit and Succession Planning

Every entrepreneur wants their business to be desirable when the time comes to exit.  With proper exit and succession planning you could ensure your business continues to become more valuable over the course of time.  Whether you sell, merge or  leave it for another operator, you deserve the appropriate compensation for your hard earned time and  effort.

Asset Management

Gaining financial predictability about your invested assets ensures continued growth for generations. Utilizing risk adjusted portfolios could strengthen several aspects of your financial future. Working alongside performance-based experts allows for accountability and benchmarking so you can focus on results. Primary results are achieved through decision making disciplines that generate interest income. Secondary benefits in this approach could be estate and protection plan execution. Each of these components are also essential for creating generational wealth and ensuring your legacy. Working and communicating with experts from all three disciplines can be challenging. Our team integrates the three disciplines and navigates the path to generational wealth. Ensure your legacy is built and preserved the way you deserve.

Asset Protection

High-net-worth individuals and families are susceptible to many threats when it comes to their assets. TSP Family Office has identified various potential risks like lawsuits, accidents, credit card companies, business creditors, and even the general public.

Entity Planning and Implementation

Starting a new business or purchasing an existing one is an exciting move towards building more wealth. Selecting a business entity is a requirement and each has its own advantages, disadvantages, and special rules. There are three categories aside from a sole proprietorship to choose from — partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies. Although one of these choices may be favorable when you start out, it may need to be re-evaluated as your business evolves. An experienced attorney and tax advisor can help you determine which form of ownership is best for your business.

Captive Insurance

Captive insurance is a form of self-insurance, where a business creates its own coverage or supplemental coverage. The benefits of this type of program include protection for the business and financial advantages for the owner.

Protection Planning

Purchasing life insurance protects what you have spent your whole life accumulating and is a key part of looking after your family once you’re gone. There are many types of life insurance policies — from traditional life insurance to universal life and variable life with a myriad of choices for each. We can help you make sense of it and make recommendations based on your circumstances.

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