Our Philosophy And Beliefs

TSP Family Office is a family of professionals who believe helping our clients create a legacy is the truest expression of our values. For more than twenty years, we’ve guided thousands of clients in uncovering, growing and building multigenerational legacies. We take on the goals of business owners and high-net-worth individuals as our own, using their best interest as the measure for every interaction and recommendation. This is more than a goal - it's our calling.


Creating Relationships

"Thoughtful, conscientious, and prepared, that is what I would say of my experience with everyone at TSP Family Office. For 30 years, I paid more than “my fair share” in taxes. At one point, I personally paid over $1,000,000 in a single year of tax payments. Today, the lives of my wife, poodle and I are vastly different from 5 years ago. We have access to our assets that we can use for expansion that we have never had, all due to the knowledge and skills of your team."

Erik J. Nuveen, M.D., D.M.D., F.A.A.C.S. Plastic Surgeon, Oklahoma City, OK

"I have found them to be attentive, very savvy, and they saved me a bundle of money this past year. Very trustworthy! Great support staff, who do what they say they will do, with a smile. I highly recommend them to anyone facing a big tax hit. They have programs that are innovative, completely legal, and easy to use. You should not hesitate to call and at least talk to them."

Dr. Stewart Lonky Pulmonologist, Los Angeles, CA

"TSP Family Office has been great, they are very responsive and proactive. We have saved so much money working with them it is incredible. Wish we would have found them sooner!"

Dr. Shellie Reagan Dentist, Spring, TX

"My wife and I have used the TSP Family Office for about 5 years now and could not be happier with all the money we saved and the people there. Everyone has been extremely helpful and professional. We have now begun using their estate / retirement planning services as well, which have also proved to be fantastic. I would not hesitate to refer to my family and friends."

Dr. Angelo Cuzalina Plastic Surgeon, Tulsa, OK

"TSP Family Office has really helped revolutionize the way that I think of and look at finances and tax planning. They make certain that I have full integrity and aboveboard documentation so I’m able to take full advantage of the tax law with confidence. When investing in them, I think of investing in a company I can trust. I get peace of mind and then I get to save a lot on my taxes by making sure I don’t let those advantages slip through my fingers. "

Dr. Grant Olson Dentist, Springfield, MO

Family Office Fact #1

Review your retirement plan and IRA beneficiaries to ensure you have the right people listed you wish to inherit your assets and consider both primary and contingent beneficiaries.

Family Office Fact #2

Tax planning must occur beforehand in order to achieve the best results.

Family Office Fact #3

Income is taxed in the year it is received. If you are a business owner, consultant or freelancer, you can strategically time the receipt of certain income for more favorable tax results.

Family Office Fact #4

Estate planning should happen years before you think you will need it, just in case you do.

Family Office Fact #5

Suspended (Passive) losses are not always the end of the world, ask how we can help.

Family Office Fact #6

Develop a strategic plan for devising and bequeathing your assets.

Family Office Fact #7

A gifting plan under your annual exclusion of $15,000 per person per donor is a powerful tool to mitigate estate tax liability as you move the future growth outside of your estate.

Family Office Fact #8

Life is about the Journey, more so than the destination, plan well and live great!

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