TSP Family Office has helped clients just like you navigate some of their most significant assets, philanthropy efforts, and other aspects of their complex financial lives. To bring your goals to fruition, collaboration amongst your financial team is of the utmost importance.

Can you recall the last time your attorney met with your CPA? How about when your financial advisor last strategized with your banker?

If you are unable to answer these questions, it may be time to make some adjustments that better cater to your financial health. Unless your current team of financial experts is coordinating efforts and strategizing with your goals in mind, you may be missing out on your full suite of potential financial benefits.

Oftentimes, individual experts don’t look at things with a big picture view —because they are viewing your financial life through a single lens. A team with a single coordinated effort best serves you by considering the advice offered by each of the other experts who address different aspects of your financial life. This is the true value of a family office.

Specifically, a family office can help guide strategies all the way through execution and implement best practices for your overall financial health. This team of professionals can:

  • Analyze a financial report prepared by an advisor
  • Apply strategies that best assist your tax planning efforts
  • Provide support in employing insurance policies that best suit your needs
  • Design an entity structure that acknowledges all factors of your financial life

There is a science to financial planning, and it relies on the careful measurement of all variables. A collaborative team will gatekeep all the unnecessary distractions to focus on the most important aspects of your life regarding your family, finances, and generational future. This team will offer solutions that contribute to your financial well-being with continuity and simplicity. And regarding your legacy goals that factor in a combination of wealth, tax planning, and asset protection, a family office works to serve your best interests, not theirs.

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