Andrew Miles

President and Founder

Andrew Miles President and Founder

Andrew (Drew) Miles, Esq., grew up working in the family building supply business on Long Island, NY, which sparked his entrepreneurial spirit. He built a traditional law practice in New York, specializing in business and real estate transactions, and was admitted to both the New York State and Federal Bars. As an attorney advising corporate clients, Drew never expected to become a professional tax advisor — or to eventually incorporate investment advice into his business.

It was as a business owner that Drew began to see the flaws inherent in the “uninformed tax system” — a term he learned from the writings of Justice Learned Hand. When he began to seek tax advice that could help optimize his practice’s cash flow, he was disappointed by what he found. Drew decided he could do the job as well as anyone — while also bringing a deeper level of strategic insight to bear. He began an intensive 10+ year examination of the IRS Tax Code and the power of proper entity structuring to build wealth and insure a financial legacy for future generations.

Drew began to offer tax advisory services alongside his legal practice, eventually spinning the business off separately as TSP Family Office. Thanks to that extensive formal and informal education — along with twenty-eight years of legal experience and thirty-five years of business experience — TSP Family Office has thrived by helping more than 8,000 clients preserve over $750M in wealth since 1999.


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